Qazim Koculi

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Qazim Koculi
Qazim Koculi.jpg
Prime Minister of Albania (acting)
In office
December 6, 1921 – December 7, 1921
Preceded by Pandeli Evangjeli
Succeeded by Hasan Prishtina
Personal details
Born (1887-08-22)August 22, 1887
Kocul, Vlorë District, Ottoman Albania)
Died January 2, 1943(1943-01-02) (aged 55)
Profession Politician, military commander
Military service
Allegiance  Ottoman Empire
 Principality of Albania
Service/branch  Ottoman Navy
Years of service until 1909, 1920
Rank First Lieutenant
Battles/wars Battle of Vlora

Qazim Koculi (August 22, 1887 – January 2, 1943) was an Albanian politician of the early 20th century and one-day acting Prime Minister of Albania. He was also the principal military commander of the Albanian forces during the Vlora War in 1920.

Early life[edit]

Qazim, son of Muhamet Kociu, was born Qazim Muhameti in 1887, in the village of Koculi, close to Vlorë (in the then Ottoman Empire, now modern Albania).[1] Koculi received his primary education in Vlorë and later moved to Ioannina, today's Greece to attend the well-known Zosimea Gymnasium. He accomplished his higher education at the Kara Harp Okulu Turkish Military Academy, graduating as a Teğmen (Second Lieutenant). He was appointed to the Ottoman Navy as a Üsteğmen (First Lieutenant).

He disobeyed a military order in 1909 during a naval battle in Preveza by refusing to surrender to the Italian Navy. After a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Imperial Command, Koculi fled to Argentina, where he resided until 1912.

He then returned to Vlorë upon the invitation of President Ismail Qemali. The latter appointed him Director of the Port of Vlorë, a position he held until the takeover of the port by the Italians in October 1914. He withdrew to Brataj, Vlorë and served as a village chief until 1917. He later served as vice prefect of Tepelenë until 1919.

Vlora War and politics[edit]

Koculi represented Vlorë in the Congress of Lushnjë, a constituent assembly held in January 1920, and was hence appointed member of parliament. He was also Prefect of Vlorë on May 29, 1920.[2] At the same time he was appointed commander-in-chief of the Vlora War Committee. Koculi led his army against the Italian forces in the Battle of Vlora, at the end of which, on September 3, 1920, he marched into the city and took back the duties of the Vlorë prefecture.

Upon the establishment of a democratic government by the Congress of Lushnjë, the first elections for the national legislature were held on April 5, 1921, Koculi won the Vlorë district.

Koculi was Minister of Public Works in the Government of Fan Noli by pursuing a policy of opposition to King Zogu.[3] He was one of the founders of KONARE in Vienna in 1925.

With the Italian invasion of Albania of 1939, Koculi returned to Albania. He later (1943) became a member of the Albanian Fascist Party and WII Albanian puppet-governments.[3]

Koculi was murdered by the communist Albanian guerrillas while he was trying to negotiate on behalf of the Fascist Party that peace between the Fascist regime and the communist guerrillas was possible.[4]

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Political offices
Preceded by
Pandeli Evangjeli
Prime Minister of Albania (acting)
December 6, 1921 – December 7, 1921
Succeeded by
Hasan Prishtina