Qi Baishi (crater)

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Qi Baishi
QiBaishi web2.png
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 4°12′S 196°00′W / 4.2°S 196.0°W / -4.2; -196.0Coordinates: 4°12′S 196°00′W / 4.2°S 196.0°W / -4.2; -196.0
Diameter 15 km
Eponym Qi Baishi

Qi Baishi is a crater on Mercury. It has an asymmetric pattern of ejecta rays, which formed by an object travelling to the east or to the west and impacting Mercury's surface at a very low incidence angle. However, Qi Baishi crater is still roughly circular, which is in contrast to the elongated shape of neighboring Hovnatanian crater.[1]