Qian Kuan

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Qian Kuan (錢寬)
Bornc. 835
DiedMay 16, 895(895-05-16) (aged 59–60)
Hang Prefecture, Tang
Resting placein modern Lin'an City
Spouse(s)Lady Shuiqiu
  • Qian Liu
  • Qian Qi (錢錡)
  • Qian Biao (錢鏢)
  • Qian Duo (錢鐸)
  • Qian Hua (錢鏵)
  • Qian Zhou (錢宙) (father)
  • Lady Shuiqiu (水丘) (mother)
Qian Kuan
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Qian Hongdao
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Qian Kuan (c. 835 – May 16, 895), courtesy name Hongdao, was the father of the warlord Qian Liu who founded the Wuyue kingdom.

Qian Kuan's tomb was discovered in October 1978 in Xishu Village (西墅村), Jinbei Subdistrict (锦北街道), Lin'an City, not far from his wife Lady Shuiqiu's tomb which was discovered 2 years later. Though it survived the Cultural Revolution, Qian Kuan's tomb had been robbed at some point in history.


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