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Qiao (simplified Chinese: 乔 traditional Chinese character: 喬) is the 96th most common last name in China.[1] This name was named after a mountain. The Qiaos are descendants of the Ji family. According to the legend, the ancient king Huang Di was buried in mountain of Qiao Shan (Huangling in Shaanxi). Some of Huang Di's descendants were responsible for taking care of his grave, and they eventually adopted Qiao as their last name, originally using "橋" before changing to "喬" later. Many people with this South of Shangqiu in Henan Province.

During the Three Kingdoms, there were two famous Qiao sisters who were known for their beauty. The big sister, Daqiao, was married to Sun Ce, a founder of Wu kingdom. The younger sister, Xiaoqiao, was married to the famous general Zhou Yu.

Alternate spellings[edit]

  • Chiao
  • Kiu

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