Qiao Family Compound

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Qiao Family Compound
Qiao Family Compound, Jinyiyuan.JPG
The Jingyi House of the Qiao Family Compound
Qiao Family Compound is located in Shanxi
Qiao Family Compound
Location in Shanxi, China
General information
Town or cityQi County, Shanxi
Coordinates37°24′21.86″N 112°25′47.93″E / 37.4060722°N 112.4299806°E / 37.4060722; 112.4299806Coordinates: 37°24′21.86″N 112°25′47.93″E / 37.4060722°N 112.4299806°E / 37.4060722; 112.4299806
Qiao Family Compound
Traditional Chinese大院
Simplified Chinese大院
Literal meaningThe Qiao Family's Courtyard House
Zaizhong Hall
Literal meaningMiddle Hall

The Qiao Family Compound, originally the Zaizhong Hall and officially Qiao's Grand Courtyard, is a courtyard house located in Qi County, Jinzhong Prefecture, Shanxi Province, China, approximately 30 kilometers (20 mi) northeast of Pingyao. It is the residential compound of well-known financier Qiao Zhiyong (乔致庸/喬致庸, 1818—1907), who was the most famous member of the Qiao family.[1] Construction began in 1756 during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor in the Qing dynasty and was completed sometime in the 18th century. The estate covers 9000 square meters and has 313 rooms with 4000 square meters within 6 large courtyards and 19 smaller courtyards.

Architects consider it to be one of the finest remaining examples of imposing private residences in northern China. It has been converted into a museum and has many period furnishings.

It is famous for being the chief location in the Zhang Yimou film Raise the Red Lantern. A 2006 Chinese television series, Qiao's Grand Courtyard, was also shot here.[2] The series, directed by Hu Mei, chronicles the life of Qiao Zhiyong with some artistic license applied.

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