Qimei, Penghu

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Coordinates: 23°12′29″N 119°25′43″E / 23.20806°N 119.42861°E / 23.20806; 119.42861

Qimei Township in Penghu County
Qimei Township

Qimei Township (Chinese: 七美鄉; pinyin: Qīměi Xiāng) is a rural township in Penghu County, Taiwan. The unhabitated Mao Yu and Cao Yu west of Qimei are also under its governance.


Qimei is 6.99 km2 in area with a coastline of 14.4 kilometers and with about 3,214 people. Composed mostly of basalt formations, Qimei ranks the fifth largest island in the Penghu Archipelago. In terms of its governing area, Qimen township is the smallest township in Penghu County.


The name of Qimei originally came from a historical story of the Ming Dynasty, in which seven women had to commit suicide when Japanese pirates raided the island. Qimei was named in 1949, as a replacement of its original name "Da Yu", to commemorate the seven women and their tombs. It now also connotes seven beautiful things as the island's tourist attractions. They are the scenery, the seawater, local products, people's hearts, the geology, the architecture, and the history as indications of the seven beautiful characteristics of Qimei island.

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