Qena Governorate

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Qena Governorate
Flag of Qena Governorate
Qena Governorate on the map of Egypt
Qena Governorate on the map of Egypt
Coordinates: 26°08′35″N 32°43′41″E / 26.143°N 32.728°E / 26.143; 32.728Coordinates: 26°08′35″N 32°43′41″E / 26.143°N 32.728°E / 26.143; 32.728
Country  Egypt
Seat Qena (capital)
 • Governor Abdel Hameed Abdel Aziz ElHaggan [1]
 • Total 9,565 km2 (3,693 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 2,959,175
 • Density 310/km2 (800/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
Website Qena

Qena Governorate (Egyptian Arabic: محافظة قنا‎‎ Muḥāfẓet Qinā) is one of the governorates of Egypt. Located in the southern part of the country, it covers a stretch of the Nile valley. Its capital is the city of Qena.


2015 population estimated figures for Qena Governorate were 19.7% urban and 3,045,504 people: 2,445,051 in rural areas and 600,453 in urban areas.[2]



In 1981, the Basic Village Service Program (BVS) had several water, road and other projects going on in several markazes in the Qena Governorate.[3]

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