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Qin Lan
Chinese name 秦嵐 (traditional)
Chinese name 秦岚 (simplified)
Pinyin Qín Lán (Mandarin)
Born (1981-07-17) 17 July 1981 (age 35)
Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Other name(s) Lanlan (岚岚), Xiaolan (小岚), Zhumei (猪妹)
Occupation Actress, model, singer
Years active 1999–present

Qin Lan (born 17 July 1981) is a Chinese actress, model, and singer.


Qin won a Golden Award in the Advertisement Model category of the 1999 National Nominate Newcomer Competition (全国推新人大赛).[1] In February 2003, when Taiwanese writer Chiung Yao and her team were holding auditions in Beijing, Qin was selected from a pool of 200 candidates to play a new character, "Chen Zhihua," in the television series My Fair Princess III.

Personal life[edit]

Qin graduated from the Shenyang University of Technology. She was in a relationship with actor Huang Xiaoming but they separated in 2006. In August 2009, Qin was seen dating Lu Chuan, who directed the 2009 film City of Life and Death, which she acted in.


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Year Title Co-singer(s) Notes
2003 许愿
Leo Ku
2005 只要有你
(Zhiyao You Ni)
Huang Yi performed at the Golden Eagles Stars Singing Concert (金鹰明星演唱会)
2006 忘情
Eric Huang ending theme song of Diyi Chazhuang
2007 滑出精采
(Huachu Jingcai)
Yin Xiaotian, Aduo, Qiusi, Jimmy Wong, Shen Renjie, Jing Gangshan, Cheng Xianjun theme song of Mingxing Da Lianbing (明星大练冰)
insert song from Dreams Link
2007 深情相拥
(Shenqing Xiangyong)
Li Zonghan promotional song from Embroiderer Lan Xin, aired on Anhui TV
2007 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
performed at the "Yinyue Buduan Geyou Hui" (音乐不断歌友会)
2007 你最珍贵
(Ni Zui Zhengui)
Wang Lixin performed at the "Yinyue Buduan Geyou Hui" (音乐不断歌友会)
2007 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
Chen Chusheng
2007 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
Bao Jianfeng performed at a Hunan TV event
2007 人在旅途
(Ren Zai Lütu)
Bao Jianfeng, Nie Yuan
2007 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
Zhang Jiani
2007 炫舞激情
(Xuanwu Jiqing)
Sun Ning, Yan Danchen, Juanzi performed at a CCTV event
2008 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
performed at LADY 10th anniversary
2008 就在这一刻
(Jiu Zai Zhe Yi Ke)
Pai Hui, Xiong Taiping dedicated to the victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake
performed at the Hunan TV Golden Eagle Festival (湖南卫视金鹰节)
2008 暗香
(An Xiang)
performed at an Anhui TV event
2008 渔家姑娘在海边
(Yujia Guniang Zai Haibian)
performed at a Hunan TV event
2008 酒歌
(Jiu Ge)
performed at a CCTV event
2008 今天你要嫁给我
(Jintian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo)
performed with others at a CCTV-2 event
2008 至少还有你
(Zhishao Haiyou Ni)
performed with others at a CCTV-2 event
2009 躲不了
(Duo Bu Liao)
Peter Ho appeared in Peter Ho's music video
2010 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
performed at a Liaoning TV event
2010 非常完美
(Feichang Wanmei)
Guo Xiaodong performed at a CCTV event
2010 你懂我的爱
(Ni Dong Wo De Ai)
Bao Jianfeng performed at a Chinese New Year event
2010 一帘幽梦
(Yilian Youmeng)
performed at a Dragon TV event
2011 今天你要嫁给我
(Jintian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo)
Li Chen performed at a Hunan TV event


Year Accolade Notes
2007 BQ Celebrity Award: Best Couple on Screen (BQ红人榜:最佳荧屏拍档) won with Bao Jianfeng
2007 Tencent Star Ceremony - Most Popular Television Mainland Actress of the Year Award (腾讯网星光大典——内地年度最受欢迎电视女演员奖)
2009 Fashion Weekly Power List - Female Star Idol of the Year ("风尚志"权力榜——年度偶像女明星)
2009 LADY Person of the Year - LADY Best Image (LADY年度人物——LADY最佳形象)
2009 Mei Ri Xin Bao 10th Anniversary Grand Ceremony - Readers' Favourite Star Award (《每日新报》十周年盛典——最受读者欢迎明星奖)
2009 BQ Celebrity List of the Year - Fashionable and Charming Celebrity of the Year (BQ年度红人榜——年度风尚魅力红人)
2009 Fashion Grand Ceremony - Media Celebrity of the Year (时尚盛典——年度影视红人)
2009 Nanfang Daily "China Fashion List" - Fashion Media Celebrity of the Year (南方报业"风尚中国榜"——年度风尚影视明星)
2010 Fashion Weekly Power List - Front Page Star of the Year ("风尚志"权力榜——年度封面明星)
2010 China Energy Women List Awards Ceremony - Most Influential Woman Award (中国能量女性榜颁奖盛典——最具人气影响力能量女性大奖)
2010 Fashion Grand Ceremony - Fashion Red Carpet Star (时尚盛典——时尚红毯明星)
2010 Jingpin Corporation "Youpin" Ceremony - Breakthrough Artiste of the Year (精品集团"优品"盛典——年度突破艺人)
2010 BQ Celebrity List - Fashionable and Charming Celebrity of the Year (BQ红人榜——年度风尚魅力红人)
2010 Tencent Stars Ceremony - Fashionable Female Artiste of the Year (腾讯网星光大典——年度风尚女艺人)
2011 Beiqing MSN Fashion Night - Fashion Arts Star (北青MSN时尚夜——风尚艺术明星)


Year Endorsement Co-endorser(s)
2007 Famous Stone (石头记产品) Zhang Jiani
2007-2010 蜡笔小新果汁糖
2007-2011 Shunüfang (十八淑女坊) Zhang Jiani
2010 丹姿旗下卡迪那护发系列
2007 光影星播客温暖基金形象大使
2007-2011 FRANIC (法兰琳卡)
2008-2009 瑞丽伊人风尚"寻找榜样OL"形象大使
2009 中国青基会"爱心飞翔 零钱捐赠"爱心大使
2009 China HIV/AIDS Media Partnership (抗艾滋病公益广告)
2009 Cadillac SUV
2010 Youth Welfare Film Festival Ambassador (青少年公益电影节形象大使)
2010 Guangzhou Olympics Torchbearer and Volunteer Ambassador (广州亚运会火炬手及志愿者大使)
2011 Groupon.cn (团宝网) Peter Ho, Yu Na
2011 China Help the Poor Society "Love Package" Ambassador (中国扶贫基金会"爱心包裹"形象大使)
2011 China Youth Society "Hope Starts From Action" Ambassador (中国青基会"希望从行动开始"形象大使)
2011 "Rainbow Project" Children's Welfare Activity ("彩虹计划"儿童公益项目活动发起人)


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