Qing Yi Wu Jia

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Qing Yi Wu Jia (情義無價) (1988) is a TV series starring Jaime Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍), Jacky Chang (張晨光), Chiu Yu Ting (邱于庭) and Kou Shih-hsiun (寇世勳) produced by China Television.

Xin Qing Yi Wu Jia (新情义无价) (2008) [1] starring Huang Haibo (黄海波), Pan Yueming (潘粵明) and Shu Yan (舒砚) is a TV series rewritting the TV series.


A rich man finds his girlfriend loves another man. He gives up. Then he loves the man's sister. In the 2008 TV series, the time changed from now to 1930s.