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Coordinates: 40°02′19″N 116°18′36″E / 40.03861°N 116.31000°E / 40.03861; 116.31000

Qinghe railway station (click for bigger version)

Qinghe railway station (Chinese: 清河站; pinyin: Qīnghé Zhàn) is a railway station in Beijing. This station is planned as an infill station on existing Line 13, Beijing Subway. The station was closed on November 2016 to be rebuilt into a new high speed rail hub and terminus of the Beijing–Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway opening in 2019. The new station will have connections with Line 13, Line 19 and Changping Line of the Beijing Subway.[1][2]


There are 5 passenger trains stop at the station everyday:

Train No. Arrive Depart Stops
Y575 13:28 13:29 1 min Beijing northYanqing
4449 17:15 17:23 8 min Beijing northLonghua
4450 14:38 14:39 1 min LonghuaBeijing north
6453 06:31 06:38 7 min Beijing northLuanping
6454 20:58 21:16 18 min LuanpingBeijing north

Note: Updated in Sep. 2010.

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