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Qingniwaqiao Subdistrict
Chinese transcription(s)
 • Chinese 青泥洼桥街道
 • Pinyin Qīngníwāqiáo jiēdào
Country China
Province Liaoning
Prefecture Dalian
District Zhongshan
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)

Qingniwaqiao (simplified Chinese: 青泥洼桥; traditional Chinese: 青泥窪橋; literally: "bridge over the blue mud swamp") is the downtown area of Dalian, Liaoning Province, China, located front of the Dalian Railway Station. The area gives its name to a subdistrict in Zhongshan District, Qingniwaqiao Subdistrict (Chinese: 青泥洼桥街道; pinyin: Qīngníwāqiáo Jiēdào).

The Pedestrian zone in front of Dashang Group's flagship store at Qingniwaqiao, Dalian, China
MYKAL Department Store


Qingniwaqiao was originally a small fishing village in the 19th century whose name means the "bridge over the blue mud swamp". It was near here where the Russians chose to build their commercial town, as they leased in 1898 the naval port of Lushun and its surrounding area, which they called Dalny.[1] This later became the core of the city of Dalian.


Qingniwaqiao is a rectangular area, demarked on the northern side by Changjiang Road (Chinese: 长江路), on the southern side by Wuhui Road (Chinese: 五惠路), on the eastern side by Jiefang Road (Chinese: 解放路) and on the western side by Youhao Street (Chinese: 友好街). In its center runs from east to west Zhongshan Road which is the main street of Dalian.

Dalian's central business district (CBD, Chinese: 中央商务区), extends from the east side of Qinagniwaqiao, along Zhongshan and Renmin Roads, via Friendship Square and Zhongshan Square, towards the Port of Dalian. It sometimes includes Hope Square and Dalian Mori Building on Qingniwaqiao's west side, along Zhongshan Road.


Qingniwaqiao is Dalian's commercial center. Dashang Group, the largest retailer in Northeast China has its flagship store here. [[File:Dalian Bank, China.jpg|thumb|A branch of Bank of Dalian at Qingniwaqiao]]

Restaurants and coffee shops from overseas:

Victory Plaza[edit]

Invested by a Taiwan company, there is a 3-storey underground shopping area under Victory Plaza, sandwiched between Changjiang and Zhongshan Roads. It is one of Dalian-ites' favorite pastimes to do (window) shopping or play bowling here, especially in winter.


  • Branches of all major Chinese Nationwide banks
  • Bank of Dalian headquarters

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Qingniwaqiao is also the public transportation hub of Dalian City.

Intra-city transportation[edit]

  • Metro, bus, trolley bus and tramway

Inter-city transportation[edit]

  • Long distance bus
  • Railway (Dalian Railway Station)

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