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青铜峡市 · شٍتْوﺷیَا شِ‎
County-level city
Coordinates: 37°53′06″N 105°59′27″E / 37.88500°N 105.99083°E / 37.88500; 105.99083Coordinates: 37°53′06″N 105°59′27″E / 37.88500°N 105.99083°E / 37.88500; 105.99083
Country People's Republic of China
Region Ningxia
 • Total 2,337 km2 (902 sq mi)
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 264,717
 • Density 110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Train station sign

Qingtongxia (simplified Chinese: 青铜峡; traditional Chinese: 青銅峽; pinyin: Qīngtóngxiá; Wade–Giles: Ch’ing-t’ong-hsia) literally, "Bronze Gorge" is a city in the province of Ningxia in the north of China. Administratively, Qingtongxia is a county-level city within the prefecture-level city of Wuzhong. It is located on the left (northwestern) bank of the Yellow River, opposite and a bit upstream of Wuzhong main urban area.

Qingtongxia has more than 100,000 residents. Many residents of Qingtongxia are Hui Muslim.


Qingtongxia Dam on the Yellow River (37°53′05″N 105°59′25″E / 37.88472°N 105.99028°E / 37.88472; 105.99028) is located in Qingtongxia. A major irrigation canal branches off the river near the dam and runs north.