Qingyi River (Sichuan)

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Qingyi River
Country China
Physical characteristics
Main source Shu-Xi-Ying, Sichuan
5,364 m (17,598 ft)
River mouth Dadu River near Leshan, Sichuan
361 m (1,184 ft)
Length 276 km (171 mi)
Basin features
River system Dadu River and Min River System
Yangtze River
Basin size 13,300 km2 (5,100 sq mi)

Qingyi River (Chinese: 青衣江) is a major river in western Sichuan. Qingyi means blueish-colored clothes. This name came from the local ancient kingdom Qingyi Qiang Kingdom (est. in 816 B.C.), in which notable people preferred to wear blue clothes. Qingyi River is the longest tributary of Dadu River, and it is also a major river in upper Yangtze River system. The elevation difference between its source and mouth is more than 5000 meters.

Coordinates: 29°33′10″N 103°42′57″E / 29.5528°N 103.7157°E / 29.5528; 103.7157