Qingyuan District

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Qingyuan District Hall
Location of Qingyuan District on the Map of Jiangxi

Qingyuan is a district (青原区 ; pinyin: Qīngyuán Qū) in the municipal region of Ji'an, Jiangxi province, People's Republic of China. Qingyuan comprises the right (east) bank of the Gan River opposite the JiAn municipal government centre, and stretches southeast in a rather narrow strip of territory up to Mount Dawu (大乌山, 1204m) on the border with Ganzhou Municipality.


The district executive, legislature and judiciary are right on the riverfront in Hedong Subdistrict, Ji'an, along with the CPC and Public Security branches.

Towns (镇, zhen)[edit]

There are five other towns:

  • Tianyu (天玉)
  • Futan (富滩)
  • Zhixia (值夏)
  • Xinxu (新圩)
  • Donggu (东固)

Townships (乡, xiang)[edit]


The supermarket chains Ganyuting and Guoguang have their headquarters in the district.[1][2]


Jinggangshan University is located in this district.[3]

Secondary schools:


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