Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

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Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
CANDU at Qinshan.jpg
Qinshan Phase III Units 1 & 2
Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is located in China
Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in China
Country People's Republic of China
Location Qinshan, Zhejiang
Coordinates 30°25′59″N 120°57′0″E / 30.43306°N 120.95000°E / 30.43306; 120.95000Coordinates: 30°25′59″N 120°57′0″E / 30.43306°N 120.95000°E / 30.43306; 120.95000
Status Operational
Operator(s) Qinshan Nuclear Power Company
Nuclear power station
Reactor supplier various
Power generation
Units operational 1 × 298 MW
4 × 610 MW
2 × 650 MW
Units under const. 2 × 700 MW
Units planned 2 × 700 MW
Nameplate capacity 4,038 MW

The Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (秦山核电站) is a multi-unit nuclear power plant under construction in Qinshan Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang, the People's Republic of China. When completed, it may hold the record for the most nuclear reactors on one site;[citation needed] however, since the majority of the units are mid-size, it would likely be surpassed by other plants in terms of generating capacity.


The construction of the units is divided into separate stages.

Stage I involved construction of the small-scale (≈300 MW) Unit-1 only, but was the first domestically designed and constructed nuclear power plant in the nation (95 percent of components came from domestic manufactures).[1] That unit has so far operated for more than 10 years without an event rating 2 on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

Stage II the next set of reactors were mid-scale plants (≈600 MW) but still of Chinese design (CNP-600). The steam generators were made by Babcock & Wilcox of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Stage III involved construction of two 728MW CANDU-6 series of the CANDU reactor design supplied by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. This was reported to be the largest business venture between Canada and China to that time. In 2001, it was visited by the Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien; both units were online by 2003.[2]


Unit Type Status Net MW Gross MW First Output Commercial operation
Qinshan I CNP-300 operational 298 320 15 Dec 1991 April 1994[3]
Qinshan II-1 CNP-600 operational 610 650 06 Feb 2002 2002[3]
Qinshan II-2 CNP-600 operational 610 650 11 Mar 2004 2004[3]
Qinshan II-3 CNP-600 operational 610 650 01 Aug 2010[4] 2010[3]
Qinshan II-4 CNP-600 operational 610 650 25 Nov 2012 2012[3]
Qinshan III-1 PHWR-CANDU reactor operational 650 728 19 Nov 2002
Qinshan III-2 PHWR-CANDU reactor operational 650 728 12 Jun 2003
Qinshan IV-1 PHWR under construction 700  ?
Qinshan IV-2 PHWR under construction 700  ?
Qinshan V-1 PHWR planned 700  ?
Qinshan V-2 planned 700  ?

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