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In Inuit mythology, Qiqirn is a large, bald dog spirit that terrifies the Inuit people.[1] It is a frightening beast, but also skittish and foolish. Men and dogs run from it, and it runs from men and dogs. It has hair on its feet, ear, mouth and the tip of its tail. When people approach it, they suffer fits. One way to scare it away is to shout its name.

Popular culture[edit]

Rudyard Kipling's short story "Quiquern" collected in The Second Jungle Book (even though it is not a jungle story) tells how two young Inuit hunters, desperate to find food for their starving tribe, believe they are being guided by Quiquern/Qiqirn, only to discover that the many-legged "spirit" is actually a pair of sled dogs whose collars had become entangled. Nevertheless, once they see that the dogs are well-fed the hunters realise the "spirit" has guided them to find food after all.

In the MMORPGs Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV there is a race of beastmen based on Native American mythology known as Qiqirn.[2] They are rodent-like creatures, roughly three feet tall. They are known for the over-pronunciation of the vowels in all words (especially "oo"). They share similar characteristics with the mythical animal since they can cause the status effect "Amnesia" on players and will run away when attacked.


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