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Industry enterprise social software, social search
Founded 2007
Founder Joerg Lamprecht, Rene Seeber, Carlo Velten
Headquarters Kassel, Germany
Number of locations
2, in Germany and in USA
Number of employees
Website www.qitera.com

Qitera is a transatlantic technology company developing semantic and social search solutions for enterprises and consumers. The company was founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneurs Joerg Lamprecht, Rene Seeber and Carlo Velten. Qitera has offices in San Francisco, California and Kassel, Germany.


Qitera was founded in mid-2007 with the intention to build a new information architecture that could enable people to share knowledge in its purest form. Inspired by the artwork of Mark Lombardi, Qitera has built a technology platform based on semantic web standards that empowers users to connect and search people, places, products and organizations. The first product, a semantic micro-blogging service, was released as lab project. Qitera is a privately held company and financed by its founders and business angels.


In December 2008 Qitera has launched a first consumer web service that lets uses build their own personal and social search engine by saving, sharing and commenting all types of web content. The service is focused on collaboration in trusted groups and networks.

Qitera will release an enterprise version of its service in Q1-09. The real-time collaboration platform will help companies to improve team work, knowledge sharing and enterprise search. The enterprise 2.0 product will be delivered as software-as-a-service (Saas) and supports Office-integration.


Qitera develops technologies and applications for the emerging semantic web that was envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee. Based on the new markup language RDF (Resource Description Framework) and other components (web ontology language, SPARQL, linked data) the semantic web will add a new layer of meaning to the web so that applications and search engines can reason across multiple data sources to deliver more relevant results. Other companies in the field are Metaweb, Radar Networks, Connectbeam, and FastNeuron.

Qitera combines semantic infrastructure with social web technologies to leverage existing user behavior and data sources. Enterprise customers use Qitera's social search algorithms to improve existing enterprise search platforms.

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