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Qiushi Academy (simplified Chinese: 求是书院; traditional Chinese: 求是書院; pinyin: Qiúshì Shūyuàn), was the main root of the current Zhejiang University, which is one of the most comprehensive universities in China.[1]


The academy was the first modern institute for higher education established in Zhejiang Province; it was also one of the earliest in China. It was founded in 1887, by the Governor of Hangzhou - Mr. Lin Qi (林啓 / 林启).

It also focused on the so-called "New Learnings" or "New Subjects" (新學 / 新学). It had a study duration of five years, and taught courses including Chinese, English, mathematics, history, geology/geography, physics and chemistry. It also held several foreign lecturers.[2]


The historic site of the academy, including the Puji Temple, is still remained in urban Hangzhou. Since August 1997, the Zhejiang Procincial Government has listed it as the Provincial Key Historic Site & Cultural Heritage under special protection.[3]

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