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Written inJava
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeNative XML database

Qizx is a proprietary XML database that provides native storage for XML data.

Qizx was initially developed by Xavier Franc of Axyana and was purchased by Qualcomm in 2013.[1][2] Qizx was re-released by Qualcomm in late 2014 on Amazon Web Services.[3]

Packaging and Bindings[edit]

The Qizx database can be configured to run embedded into an application, in a hosted client-server environment, or as a software service hosted on Amazon Web Services. The client-server version supports database clustering for both load balancing and data redundancy. Qizx is bundled with a multi-platform GUI client and can also be accessed through a RESTful API that includes embedded online documentation.

Qizx includes bindings in Java, Python, C and C# as well as native XPath and XQuery support. Qizx also provides a number of extensions to the XQuery language for updating documents, accessing document metadata and various other tasks.


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