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Qlimax 2008-11-22.JPG
The laser show during Qlimax
Genre Hardstyle, Hardcore, Hardhouse, Hard trance, EDM, Subground
Location(s) Netherlands
Years active 2000-present
Founded by Q-dance
Q-dance Website

Qlimax is an annual event held by the Dutch entertainment enterprise, Q-dance. It is considered one of the leading hardstyle events on the calendar and a major attraction of Q-dance and contains some of the most sophisticated production and setup as well as sound system for any event.


In the beginning, Qlimax used to have several editions every year. But since 2004, it was changed to be held annually in the third or fourth week of November. At first it was held at the Beursgebouw (Eindhoven) and then moved to various other venues such as the SilverDome (Zoetermeer) and Heineken Music Hall (Amsterdam), but has made its home at the Gelredome (Arnhem).


Many artists consider being chosen to play at Qlimax a highlight as the event is used to showcase the most successful artists in their respective genre. The beginning saw the lineup featuring genres ranging from Hardhouse to Techno. This was changed to traditionally begin with one Hardtrance act, numerous Hardstyle acts and then finish off with one Hardcore/Gabber act. This was changed in 2008 with the removal of the Jumpstyle act and in 2009 with the replacement of the Hardtrance act to one playing early Hardstyle.


Like most of the Q-dance events, an anthem is made every year by the headlining DJ (with the exception of 2001 and 2002) to represent that edition. Below is a list of the anthems for each edition:

Dutch Anthems


Year Date Location Theme Anthem MC Lineup
2000 3 June Beursgebouw, Eindhoven (Holland) N/A N/A Ruffian Captain Tinrib, Dana, Nick Sentience, Pavo
2001 2 June Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam N/A N/A Ruffian Acid Junkies, Alpha Twins, Bas & Ram, Dana, Gary D, Jon The Baptist, Kai Tracid, Lisa Loud, Marco V, Michel de Hey, Mauro Picotto
2002 6 April Thialf Stadion, Heerenveen Cosmos N/A Ruffian Captain Tinrib (Live), Cosmic Spoils, Dana, Gary D, Kai Tracid, Pavo, Technoboy, Warmduscher
2002 21 September SilverDome, Zoetermeer Infection N/A Ruffian Alpha Twins, Bas & Ram, Charly Lownoise, Dana, The Darkman, Gizmo, Haze & Abyss, DJ Isaac, Luna, Melanie de Tria, Pavo, Pila, Sunny D, Technoboy, Zenith
2003 12 April Thialf Stadion, Heerenveen Follow The Leader The Prophet - Follow The Leader Ruffian Dana, Gary D, Isaac, Luna, Pavo, Pila, Super Marco May, Technoboy, The Prophet, Zenith
2003 22 November GelreDome, Arnhem The Prophecy Deepack - The Prophecy Ruffian Bas & Ram, Daniele Mondello, Deepack, Kai Tracid, Luna, Max B Grant, Pavo, The Prophet, Technoboy, Bass D & King Matthew
2004 27 November GelreDome, Arnhem Destiny's Path Future Tribes - Deadlock Mouth Of Madness Charly Lownoise, Crushed, Dana, Luna, Igor S, Outblast, Pavo, Technoboy & The Prophet, Zany
2005 19 November GelreDome, Arnhem Science & Religion DJ Zany - Science & Religion Ruffian Alpha Twins, Bas & Ram, The Beholder & Ballistic, Crushed, Pila, DJ Isaac, Luna, The Prophet, Technoboy, Vince, Zany
2006 25 November GelreDome, Arnhem The Darkside Alpha Twins - The Darkside Ruffian Alpha Twins, Dana, Luna, The Prophet feat. Headhunterz, Promo, DJ Ruthless, Showtek, Tatanka, Zany & Donkey Rollers (Live), Yves de Ruyter
2007 17 November GelreDome, Arnhem The Power Of The Mind Headhunterz - The Power Of The Mind Ruffian Fausto, DJ Ghost, Brennan Heart, Showtek feat. MC DV8, Headhunterz (Live), Technoboy, The Prophet & Zany, DJ Neophyte
2008 22 November GelreDome, Arnhem Next Dimensional World Technoboy - Next Dimensional World Ruffian Mark Sherry, Showtek, Headhunterz (Live), Project One, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Technoboy, Tatanka, Zany & Vince
2009 21 November GelreDome, Arnhem The Nature Of Our Mind D-Block & S-te-Fan - The Nature Of Our Mind Ruffian DJ Isaac, A-Lusion, Davide Sonar (Live), Brennan Heart, Technoboy, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Deepack, Noize Suppressor (LIVE)
2010 27 November GelreDome, Arnhem Alternate Reality Brennan Heart - Alternate Reality Ruffian Pavelow, DJ Stephanie, Wildstylez, Wildstylez & Noisecontrollers (Surprise Act), TNT aka Technoboy & Tuneboy (Live), Brennan Heart, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Psyko Punkz (Live), Zatox, Endymion vs. Evil Activities
2011 26 November GelreDome, Arnhem No Way Back Zatox - No Way Back Ruffian Stana, Coone, Headhunterz, Zany & The Pitcher ft. Mc DV8, Noisecontrollers, Zatox, Ran-D, Gunz For Hire, The Prophet
2012 24 November GelreDome, Arnhem Fate or Fortune Psyko Punkz - Fate or Fortune Ruffian & (Villain as a B2B MC) A*S*Y*S, Wildstylez, Frontliner, Isaac, Technoboy, Zatox, Psyko Punkz, Brennan Heart, B-Front, Adaro, Evil Activities ft. E-Life
2013 23 November GelreDome, Arnhem Immortal Essence Gunz For Hire ft. Ruffian - Immortal Ruffian Acti, Wildstylez & Max Enforcer, Code Black, Coone, Gunz For Hire, Noisecontrollers, Zatox, Alpha Twins, Mad Dog & Art of Fighters
2014 22 November GelreDome, Arnhem The Source Code of Creation Noisecontrollers - The Source Code of Creation Ruffian Audiofreq & Technoboy, Headhunterz, Atmozfears, Frontliner, Noisecontrollers, Ran-D, Crypsis, Endymion, The Viper, Partyraiser
2015 21 November GelreDome, Arnhem Equilibrium Atmozfears - Equilibrium Villain Isaac, Bass Modulators, Atmozfears, Noisecontrollers & Wildstylez, Brennan Heart & Ran-D, Zatox & Adaro (DJ), Frequencerz, Deetox, The Playah

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