Qom (River)

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The Qom River or Qom Roud (Persian: رودخانه قم‌رود‎) receives its water from the Zagros Mountain and the Namak Lake. It is a large river in Iran. The Qom flows through the city of Qom, and together with the Qareh Su it gains a length of approximately 400 km (250 mi). The water level strongly fluctuates between 312 m³/s and only 4 m³/s. This is partially the effect of taking water for irrigation.

The Qom River flowing beside the shrine of Hazrat Massoumeh Qom.

Coordinates: 34°29′02″N 51°34′35″E / 34.48389°N 51.57639°E / 34.48389; 51.57639