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Qorasuv is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 40°43′20″N 72°53′14″E / 40.72222°N 72.88722°E / 40.72222; 72.88722Coordinates: 40°43′20″N 72°53′14″E / 40.72222°N 72.88722°E / 40.72222; 72.88722
Country Uzbekistan
RegionAndijan Region
DistrictQo‘rg‘ontepa District
Population (2005)
 • Total29,200
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)

Qorasuv (also transliterated as Korasuv, Karasu, Kara-Soo, Kara-Sui; Uzbek: Qorasuv / Қорасув; Russian: Карасу) is a town in Qo‘rg‘ontepa District of Andijan Region in eastern Uzbekistan, about 50 km from the district capital of Andijan. The town's name means "black water" in Uzbek (qora - black, suv - water). It lies in the politically volatile and religiously conservative Fergana Valley, along the border with Kyrgyzstan. In 1989 it had a population of 19,500.

It is essentially one town with Kara-Suu in Kyrgyzstan, but is separated from the latter by a Soviet-era border which today is tightly controlled by Uzbekistan. Korasuv was the second town in Uzbekistan to be sealed off during the Andijan massacre in spring 2005, when some 6,000 people fled across the border.[1] A border town, it is an important market town, especially for cottonseed oil trading.[2]


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