Qovsi Tabrizi

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Qovsi Tabrizi
Born 1568
Died 1640
Occupation Poet

Qovsi Tabrizi (also spelled Coves Tabrizi, birth name Alican Coves Ismailoglu) was an Iranian Azerbaijani poet of the 17th century.


Qovsi Tabrizi was born in 1568 in Tabriz. His family were poets and craftsmen.


Tabrizi hated social injustice and ridiculed clergy in his works. The theme of romantic love and an idealistic and pantheistic worldview took a significant place in his lyrics. Pessimistic motifs are also present, showing in his descriptions of people's thoughts and hopes. Other features of Tabrizi's poems include a diversity of representations, forms and intonations.

Collections of Tabrizi's lyrical poems are stored in two manuscripts. One is in the British Library in London and the other is in the History Museum of Georgia in Tbilisi.[1]


  • Selected Poems, 1958
  • Anthology of Azerbaijani Poetry. volume 2, Moscow, 1960


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