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Qu is a computer programming language with an open-source interpreter written in C by Marc Krisnanto. It is comparable to Python, Ruby, Perl and many others.

The language is semi-dynamic, and optionally strongly typed, with full object orientation. All variables in the language are first class objects.

The design and implementation focuses on compactness and speed, using the GNU Lightning Just In Time compiler (JIT).


# Ackermann
if not (__arg__) # get input;
  println("Ackermann's function ...")
  println("Enter a number on the command line!")
  NUM = Int(__arg__[0])
  printf('Ack (3,%d): %d\n', NUM, Ack(3, NUM))
end if
sub Ack(m, n) # one way
  if m == 0 return n + 1
  elif n == 0 return Ack(m - 1, 1)
  else return Ack(m - 1, Ack(m, n - 1));;
 # alternate way
sub ackermann (m, n) 
    return m ? (n ? ackermann (m - 1, ackermann (m, n - 1)) :
               ackermann (m - 1, 1)) : n + 1

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