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Quackdown logo (small).png
Quackdown logo
Formation 2011
Type Non-profit website
  • South Africa
Official language
Nathan Geffen, Marcus Low and Catherine Tomlinson
Website quackdown.info

Quackdown is a South Africa-based website aimed at exposing fraudulent and untested medical treatments. It hosts the "Quackbase" database of untested medical claims and publishes articles on quackery.[1]

Quackdown is a joint project of the Treatment Action Campaign, Community Media Trust and several individuals. It is currently edited by Nathan Geffen, Marcus Low and Catherine Tomlinson.

In October 2012, the South African medicine company Solal Technologies filed a defamation lawsuit against Kevin Charleston due to a Quackdown article he published that denounces the company's magazine Health Intelligence for quackery and pseudoscience.[2]


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