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This article is about the club at Princeton. For the club at the University of Chicago, see Quadrangle Club (University of Chicago).
Quadrangle Club
Quadrangle Club Princeton.JPG
Quadrangle Club is located in Mercer County, New Jersey
Quadrangle Club
Location 33 Prospect Ave, Princeton, New Jersey
Coordinates 40°20′52.8″N 74°39′09.8″W / 40.348000°N 74.652722°W / 40.348000; -74.652722Coordinates: 40°20′52.8″N 74°39′09.8″W / 40.348000°N 74.652722°W / 40.348000; -74.652722
Built 1916
Architect Henry Milliken
Architectural style Georgian Revival
Governing body Private
Part of Princeton Historic District (#75001143[1])
Added to NRHP 27 June, 1975

The Princeton Quadrangle Club, often abbreviated to "Quad", is one of the eleven eating clubs at Princeton University that remain open. Located at 33 Prospect Avenue, the club is currently "sign-in," meaning it permits any second semester sophomore, junior or senior to join. The club's tradition of openness is demonstrated as far back as 1970, when Quadrangle became one of the first coeducational eating clubs (Princeton University itself began admitting women in 1969, and the last eating clubs to include women did so in 1991).


View from the back, in winter

The club was formed in 1896 in a house built on the south side of Prospect Avenue. In its early years, it changed its location several times. In 1901, it moved to the north side of "the Street," and in 1903 it moved back to the south side, where the Princeton Tower Club now stands. In 1910 it moved to a house built in 1887 for James McCosh, the eleventh president of Princeton University. In 1915, Quadrangle Club sold the McCosh house and built its own house, designed by Henry Milliken, Princeton Class of 1905 in a classic brick Georgian Revival structure. The club has existed in this building since 1916.

F. Scott Fitzgerald described Quadrangle Club in This Side of Paradise as "Literary Quadrangle." Fitzgerald later commented that he might have felt more comfortable in "Literary Quadrangle" with contemporaries such as John Peale Bishop, an American poet.[2][3]

Musical tradition[edit]

With some funding from the Princeton Undergraduate Student Government, the Quadrangle Club has hosted to some of the biggest concerts on Princeton's campus, including Barenaked Ladies in 1993, Lifehouse in 2003, and Maroon 5 in 2004. These concerts have been documented as having drawn more than half of the university's entire undergraduate population. Below is a listing of the groups that have performed at the club in recent years at the semiannual University-wide festival called "Lawnparties". It is also of note that, over the past few years at smaller events, the club hosted Welbilt on multiple occasions, befriending the band and was honored with one of their final performances before the band's break up. The Quadrangle Club is additionally home to several distinguished a cappella groups.[citation needed]

Semester Performing Group(s)
Spring 2003 Lifehouse[4]
Fall 2003 George Clinton[5]
Spring 2004 Maroon 5[6]
Spring 2005 Phantom Planet and The Gin Blossoms[7]
Fall 2005 Jurassic 5[8][9]
Spring 2006 Ghostface Killah and Rooney
Fall 2006 Rihanna and The Pink Spiders[10][11]
Spring 2007 Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish[12]
Fall 2007 Everclear and The Fold[13]
Spring 2008 Howie Day and New Found Glory
Fall 2008 Matt Nathanson and Lupe Fiasco[14]
Spring 2009 Gym Class Heroes[15]
Spring 2010 The Roots[16]
Fall 2010 Super Mash Bros and B.o.B[17]
Spring 2011 Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa[18]
Fall 2011 Far East Movement and The White Panda[19]
Spring 2012 Timeflies and Childish Gambino[20]
Fall 2012 Third Eye Blind[21]
Spring 2013 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes[22]
Fall 2013 Chiddy Bang and T-Pain [23]
Spring 2014 Mayer Hawthorne and GRiZ[24]
Fall 2014 Schoolboy Q and Angel Haze[25]

Notable alumni[edit]


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