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In addition to Quadratus of Athens (Quadratus the Apologist), there are several Christian saints with the name Quadratus (sometimes spelled Codratus):

Quadratus of Africa[edit]

Quadratus of Africa was martyred in Africa Proconsularis on an unknown date. His feast day is celebrated on May 26. He was the subject of a panegyric by Saint Augustine of Hippo.[1]

Quadratus of Corinth[edit]

Quadratus or Codratus was a hermit and healer who was martyred at Corinth with his friends Cyprian, Dionysius, Anectus, Paul and Crescens. His feast day is March 10.[2]

Quadratus of Herbipolis[edit]

His feast day is May 7. He was martyred around 257 at Herbipolis in Asia Minor during the reign of Valerian. He had also been imprisoned at Nicomedia, Nicaea, and Apamea[disambiguation needed].[3][4]

Quadratus of Nicomedia[edit]

Quadratus or Codratus was a nobleman who was martyed at Nicomedia during the reign of Valerian. His feast day is March 10.[2]

Quadratus, Theodosius, Emmanuel and Companions[edit]

This Quadratus or Codratus was a martyred bishop in Anatolia. He was arrested and put to death with forty-two other martyrs, including Emmanuel and Theodosius, during the persecution of the Christians by Diocletian in 304. Their feast day is March 26.[5]

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