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Quadricycle, quadracycle, quadcycle, quadrocycle refers to any vehicle with four wheels.

More specifically the term may refer to:

  • All-terrain vehicle, a four-wheel all terrain vehicle - also known as a "quad" in North America and "quad bike" in Australian and the UK. Usually the rider straddles a motorcycle-type seat
  • Automobile, the first experimental steam automobiles were termed steam quadricycles.
  • Ford Quadricycle, Henry Ford's first design
  • Low-speed vehicle, referred to in some countries as a quadricycle
  • Motorised quadricycle, European classifications for light four-wheeled motorized vehicles: Light quadricycles, category L6e, and (heavy) quadricycles, category L7e.
  • Quadracycle, a four-wheeled style of cycle
  • Velomobile, a three or four wheeled vehicle with a fairing