Quadrilatero della moda

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A narrow street with multi-story buildings in mostly different shades of yellow, with blue sky and clouds above. The building along the left near the camera has signs with the Acqui di Parma logo, and Cartier is along the other side. There are some people walking along the sides of the street in the distance
Boutiques along the Via Gesù, in the middle of the district

The Quadrilatero della moda (Italian pronunciation: [kwadriˈlaːtero della ˈmɔːda]; literally "fashion square"), or Via Montenapoleone fashion district, is a high-class shopping district in the centre of the Italian city of Milan, characterised by the presence of numerous boutiques and related retail outlets which represent most of the world's major fashion houses.[1]

The sides of the square, located to the south of the arches of Porta Nuova, are formed by Via Montenapoleone (SW), Via Manzoni (NW), Via della Spiga (NE), and Corso Venezia (SE).

Streets inside this area include Via Borgospesso, Via Santo Spirito, Via Gesù, Via Sant'Andrea, Via Bagutta, and Via Baggutino. The zone extends in practice also to the north-west of Via Manzoni with Via Pisoni, and to the south and west of Via Montenapoleone with Corso Giacomo Matteotti (this last meets Corso Venezia at Piazza San Babila), Piazza Meda, Via San Pietro all'Orto, and Via Verri.

Streets and squares[edit]

Corso Giacomo Matteotti[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Corso Venezia[edit]

Piazza Meda[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Piazza San Babila[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Via Bigli[edit]

Via Borgospesso[edit]

Fashion shops include:

  • Altomani & Sons
  • Andrea Pfister
  • Antichità Silbernagl
  • Cyrus Company
  • daDriade
  • Galleria Silva
  • Giuliano Fujwara
  • Laura Biagiotti
  • Pinco Pallino
  • Tween DdM
  • Versace Homme

Via della Spiga[edit]

Via Manzoni[edit]

Via Montenapoleone[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Via Pisoni[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Via San Pietro all'Orto[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Via Sant'Andrea[edit]

Restelli Guanti

Via Santo Spirito[edit]

Fashion shops include:

Via Verri[edit]

Fashion shops include:

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Coordinates: 45°28′12″N 9°11′43″E / 45.469898°N 9.195342°E / 45.469898; 9.195342