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qaidabad mandi
Qaidabad is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°20′N 71°55′E / 32.333°N 71.917°E / 32.333; 71.917
DistrictKhushab District
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Qaidabad (Punjabi,Urdu: قائِدآباد‎), is a tehsil of Khushab (Sargodha Division). It is located 283 kilometers away from Islamabad and 295 kilometers from Lahore in North West Punjab. Like Mianwali, it is located very near to DI Khan District of KPK. It is located on main Lahore Banu GT road, 90 kilometers from Sargodha and 40 kilometers from Khushab and Mianwali. It is founded by Sardar Abdul Rab Nishter in 1951 on the name of Quid e Azam (The Founder of Pakistan)

It has famous Warcha Salt Mine. It has road links to sandy agricultural area of Thal and with the Mountain of Soon Valley. It is part of National Assembly constituency NA-94 and Provincial Assembly of Punjab constituency PP-82.


Most of muslim rulers who attacked Indo-Pak from Afghanistan used this route to access Delhi. Famous Gernalee Road also passes from this city. Before partition, this area was under British rule. During British rule, Khushab was a tehsil of the old Shahpur District. The predominantly Muslim population supported Muslim League and Quaid e Azam during Pakistan Movement.

Majority of population is Muslim and speak Sariaki, Shahpuri, Majhi and Thalochi dialects of Punjabi language while there are some Urdu speaking families too. Politics revolves around families of Bandial, Gunjial, Utra, Awan and Shadikhel. Famous dish is Qeema Pakora.

Demography Most of the population are farmers; about 85% of the population live in villages and only 15% live in the municipal urban area. But the trend is shifting and people are moving to the urban area.


Agriculture is important to the local economy, particularly the growing of Rice, wheat, Black gram which is exported all over Pakistan and around the world. The grain market of Quaidabad is one of the famous grain markets in Punjab particularly for Rice trading. Overseas people also contribute much in the economy especially the people of Goleywali.


Before 90s Quaid Abad was famous due to Quaidabad carpets - Quaid Abad woolen mill which is now just a plan land after privatization. Currently Industry of Quaid Abad is primarily an Agro-based. The main industries include Rice Mills, Poultry Sheds and Salt processing Units.


The climate of Quaid Abad is extreme, reaching 50 °C in summer, and down to 0 °C in winter. The soil of the suburbs is fertile which is irrigated by Mahajir Branch.this land is a part of citrus land so citrus fruit like malta is successful here. But this tehsil has unique surface of having dry mountains on one side and sandy soil on other corner.

Famous Places

Famous places to see here is warcha salt mine located at Rukhla mandi, Beautiful Soon sakeser valley which is very near to it. sardar international travel & tour


Main sports of this area is cricket and volleyball followed by football and hockey


Quaid Abad Tehsil is subdivided into 12 Union Councils. BANDIAL Bijar Chak No.14/Mb Goleywali Gunjial Janubi Okhali Mohlah Quaidabad Utra Janubi Warcha Gunjial Shumali Choaa Panja

Colleges & Universities

Quaid Abad houses few Government colleges. These include:

Govt. Degree College for Boys, Govt. Degree College for Women, Dar-e-Arqam High School,.The Scholars School and College,.Al hira college of technology.... Al Syed High School Quiadabad Punjab Group of Colleges, Superior Group of Colleges, Al-Noor Public School and Shaheer Web & IT Center.

Famous Shops

Badar Electronics & Repairing center