Quail Island (Northern Territory)

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Quail Island
LANDSAT Quail Island NT.png
LANDSAT true color image of
Quail Island Group, Northern Territory, Australia
Coordinates 12°31′08″S 130°26′06″E / 12.519°S 130.435°E / -12.519; 130.435Coordinates: 12°31′08″S 130°26′06″E / 12.519°S 130.435°E / -12.519; 130.435
Archipelago Quail Island Group
Total islands 3
State Northern Territory
Region Top End

Quail Island is 40 km from Port Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

On 9 October 1881 when SS Brisbane, an 85.8 metres long passenger, cargo and mail ship, built by A & J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow, struck the nearby Fish Reef, while heading there with cargo from Hong Kong.[1]

Quail Island belongs to the Quail Island Group. The other two islands in the archipelago are Bare Sand Island (southwest of Quail Island) and Djadjalbit Island (south).[2]

The islands are known for being a breeding ground for flatback turtles.[3]

Defense training[edit]

The Quail Island Air Weapons Range was used a training ground for defense forces from 1945 to 1979.[3] There are large munitions scattered around the island as a result. A three-year clean-up began in 2011 to remove hazards such as unexploded ordnance.[4] Visitors such as tourists and recreational anglers have been banned from the islands during the clean-up process.[2]

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