Quail Island (Northern Territory)

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Quail Island
LANDSAT Quail Island NT.png
LANDSAT true color image of
Quail Island Group, Northern Territory, Australia
Coordinates12°31′08″S 130°26′06″E / 12.519°S 130.435°E / -12.519; 130.435Coordinates: 12°31′08″S 130°26′06″E / 12.519°S 130.435°E / -12.519; 130.435
ArchipelagoQuail Island Group
Total islands3
StateNorthern Territory
RegionTop End
BayBeagle Gulf of the Timor Sea

Quail Island is in the Beagle Gulf of the Timor Sea, 40 km from Port Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Quail Island belongs to the Quail Island Group. The other two islands in the archipelago are Bare Sand Island (southwest of Quail Island) and Djadjalbit Island (south).[1]

The islands are known for being a breeding ground for flatback turtles.[2]


On 9 October 1881 when SS Brisbane, an 85.8 metres long passenger, cargo and mail ship, built by A & J Inglis, Pointhouse, Glasgow, struck the nearby Fish Reef, while heading there with cargo from Hong Kong.[3]

Quail Island Air Weapons Range[edit]

The Quail Island Air Weapons Range was used a training ground for defense forces from 1945 to 1979.[2] There are large munitions scattered around the island as a result. A three-year clean-up began in 2011 to remove hazards such as unexploded ordnance.[4] Visitors such as tourists and recreational anglers have been banned from the islands during the clean-up process.[1]

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