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Quaint Magazine is a quarterly literary magazine emphasizing marginalized writers and the exploration of identity performance. Contents of the magazine include poetry, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, and fiction.

Begun in 2013 as a digital literary magazine and blog, founders Soleil Ho and Kia Groom attempted a successful Kickstarter campaign to print publish "unique, unsettling, strange work from authors" who had been marginalized in the American publishing industry.[1] Because of this marginalization, the magazine only accepts submissions from “female-identified and genderqueer/non-binary folk.”[2] Only Groom remains active as the current managing editor. Currently there are five issues available.

Various individuals and organizations of notoriety have given the magazine attention, including Roxane Gay, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood. The magazine’s webstore features a variety of content, such as the magazines themselves, shirts, and bags, many of which feature slogans originating from Quaint blog content, such as "alt lit is dead" and “vile misandrist harpy.”[3]