Quaking Aspen Falls

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Quaking Aspen Falls
Location On Tioga Road near Yosemite Creek, Yosemite National Park 37°50.8′N 119°34.3′W / 37.8467°N 119.5717°W / 37.8467; -119.5717Coordinates: 37°50.8′N 119°34.3′W / 37.8467°N 119.5717°W / 37.8467; -119.5717
Type Segmented
Total height 25 feet

Quaking Aspen Falls (also called Tioga Pass Falls) is a 25-foot, multi-stranded waterfall off Tioga Pass Road in Yosemite National Park. Although the falls typically dry up by August, the stream flows year-round both above and below the falls.


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