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QualNet is a commercial version of GloMoSim used by Scalable Network Technologies (SNT) for their defense projects namely JTRS Network Emulator, BCNIS and Stratcom Cyber.


While much of the testing the OTC performs occurs in live engagements (either war games or actual battlefield conditions), they also use modeling and simulation technology extensively. The Battlefield Command Network Integration and Simulation (BCNIS) program is one tool that is used to "provide realistic situational awareness (SA) and a command and control (C2) tactical environment to support operational testing, without the costs and constraints of deploying a large number of physical units in the field

JTRS Network Emulator[edit]

The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) is an integrated effort to network multiple weapon system platforms and forward combat units where it matters most - at "the last tactical mile". Deploying communications equipment based on the JTRS standards across the different branches of domestic and allied forces (and their civilian counterparts) enables reliable intra- and inter-service communications throughout dynamic environments (such as battlefields or disaster areas)

Stratcom Cyber[edit]

SCALABLE is under contract with STRATCOM to adapt the EXata/Cyber simulation platform to meet some very specific training needs. This cyber training system will enable users to build detailed software virtual networks composed of standard routers, switches, hubs, wireless access points, base stations, and mobile users, as well as customized DoD-specific communications equipment.

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