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View north from Gros Piton.jpg
View from Gros Piton over the Qualibou caldera
Highest point
Elevation777 m (2,549 ft) [1]
Coordinates13°50′17″N 61°02′46″W / 13.838°N 61.046°W / 13.838; -61.046
LocationSaint Lucia, Caribbean
Age of rock32-39,000 years
Mountain typeCaldera[2]
Last eruption1766

Qualibou, also known as the Soufrière Volcanic Centre is a 3.5 X 5 km wide caldera on the island of Saint Lucia that formed approximately 32-39,000 years ago. This eruption also formed the Choiseul Tuff which covers the south east portion of the island.

The Pitons are two large lava domes that formed 200-300,000 years ago, some time before the formation of the caldera and since then other domes have filled the caldera floor. More recently, there was a phreatic eruption in 1766 that deposited ash over a wide area.

Sulphur Springs is an active geothermal area located roughly in the centre of the caldera.

In 1990, 1999 and 2000 there were shallow depth volcanic earthquakes located 6 km ESE of the caldera.[3]



  1. ^ This elevation is for Gros Piton, however Morne Gimie on the edge of the caldera has an elevation of 950m.
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