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Birth name Clifford Peacock
Also known as Don Ferquan, Q.U.A.N.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Newport News, Virginia
Genres Hip hop, mafioso rap
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2002–present
Labels Ill Will, Fort Knocks, Atlantic
Associated acts Nas, Cassidy, Asher Roth, Just Blaze
Website Quan on Myspace

Clifford Peacock, better known by his stage name Quan or Don Ferquan, is an American rapper, affiliated with Nas and Ill Will Records. In 2008, he signed with Just Blaze label Fort Knocks as a joint venture with Ill Will. He is currently signed to Amalgam Digital, who distributed his album Walking Testimony in 2009.


Nas signed Quan to his Ill Will record label, and featured him on "Just a Moment", the third single from his 2004 Street's Disciple album. The album was a critical success for Nas, and Quan's heartfelt verse earned him respect from the hip-hop community at large.[1] He later contributed to songs for the albums of both Cassidy and Jeannie Ortega.

In 2004, Quan began recording material for his debut album, titled Until My Death.[1] The idea of the album's title came about when Quan recalled: "I got this phrase tattooed across my back when I was a younger. It symbolized a change for me, cause I knew that had I not chose to do something different, the result was gonna be just that — Death. I had come too close, too many times, for God to just keep given me chances."[2] The debut to date has yielded only one official single titled "All for War," which featured production by Mike Wonder and L.E.S.[1] Additionally, the debut album was slated to feature guest appearances by the likes of Nas, Cassidy, The Neptunes and Missy Elliott,[1] however the project was "temporarily" shelved in 2011.[3] Quan confirmed in multiple interviews that he was saving the project for a "major" release and revealed that over the number of years that he had recorded over 400 tracks for the album.[3][4] In 2008, after meeting producer Just Blaze at a party at a club in Manhattan they got talking and decided to do a joint venture with his label Fort Knocks Entertainment & Nas label Ill Will Records. In 2009, Quan released the album Walking Testimony which served as an "appetizer" for Until My Death.[3]

He has since then continued recording for the mixtape circuit all the while preparing his follow-up album, Glorious Struggle.[3]

Now in 2013 Quan stated he has a music catalogue of around 500 songs. He said at this time "get away" which was a song from his "The Struggle" mixtape was the record that he performed the best on.[5]

Ill Will Records & Relationship With Nas[edit]

When asked about his current relation with his former employers Quan said "Me and a few people are still in touch and cool. Its no beef, we just aint see eye to eye on a few things, shit happens life goes on. I have a few regrets, and I wouldve did a few things different, but again life goes on. In life you can't change or control anyone but yourself. I wish homie the best....new life, new music, new management, new money! I would sign with a major again....but it would have to be on me n my teams terms...."[5]



  • 2009: Walking Testimony
  • TBA: Glorious Struggle
  • 2016: Point Of No Return


  • The Don Fer Quan Show
  • Most Anticipated
  • Long Time Coming Volume 1
  • Black Gangsta
  • Carrying The Tradition
  • The Struggle, Pt. 1


  • 2004: "Just a Moment" (Nas feat. Quan)
  • 2004: "All for War"
  • 2011: "I Do It" (prod. Nottz)
  • 2011: "Feel So Good" (prod. Jake One)
  • 2012: "Never Gonna Stop" ( Mind the Gap Feat. Quan)

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