Quan Cong

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Quan Cong
General of Eastern Wu
Born 198[1]
Died 249 (aged 51)[1]
Traditional Chinese 全琮
Simplified Chinese 全琮
Pinyin Quán Cóng
Wade–Giles Chüan Ts'ung
Courtesy name Zihuang (Chinese: 子璜; pinyin: Zǐhuáng; Wade–Giles: Tzu-huang)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Quan.

Quan Cong (198–249),[1] courtesy name Zihuang, was a military general of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. He was a son-in-law of Wu's founding emperor, Sun Quan, as he married Sun Quan's eldest daughter Sun Luban. He participated in the campaigns against the restless Shanyue tribes in the Wu territories and achieved success in pacifying them. In 228, he fought alongside the Wu general Lu Xun in the Battle of Shiting against Wu's rival state, Cao Wei, and scored a victory over the Wei general Cao Xiu.

In 241, he participated in a campaign against Wei, conquered Huainan commandery and destroyed the dam at Quebei (芍陂). Quan Cong's attack was well timed, as many of the soldiers of Yang province were being given leave at that time. At the opposing forces Sun Li led the defence at Quebei against Quan Cong, taking part personally in the fighting. He is said to have fought from morning to evening. Over half of Sun Li's soldiers were killed or wounded, and Sun Li himself received several wounds, as did his horse. However, he held his defense against Quan Cong, showing no concern for his personal safety until Wang Ling arrived with reinforcements and together with Sun Li counterattacked and successfully driving off Quan Cong from Huainan.


  • Father: Quan Rou (全柔), xiaolian, served as an official during the reign of Emperor Ling of Han, later served Sun Ce and Sun Quan
  • Spouse: Sun Luban (孫魯班), Sun Quan's daughter
  • Sons:
    • Quan Xu (全緒)
    • Quan Ji (全寄), executed 250
    • Quan Yi (全懌), born by Sun Luban, defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Wu (全吳), born by Sun Luban
  • Grandsons:
    • Quan Yi (全禕), Quan Xu's son, defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Yi (全儀), son of some elder brother of Quan Yi (全懌), defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Jing (全靜), defected to Cao Wei
  • Relatives:
    • Quan Duan (全端), nephew, defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Pian (全翩), nephew, defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Ji (全缉), nephew, defected to Cao Wei
    • Quan Shang (全尚), son of a distant cousin, killed by Sun Chen
      • Quan Ji (全紀), Quan Shang's son, committed suicide
      • Quan Huijie (全惠解), Quan Shang's daughter, empress during the reign of Sun Liang

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  1. ^ a b c The Sanguozhi mentioned that Quan Cong died in the 12th year of the Chiwu era (238–251) in Sun Quan's reign but did not state his age at his time of death so his birth year cannot be determined. Quote from Sanguozhi vol. 60: (十二年卒, ...) However, the Jiankang Shilu mentioned that Quan Cong was 52 years old (by East Asian age reckoning) when he died, so, by calculation, Quan's birth year should be around 198. Quote from Jiankang Shilu vol. 2: ([赤烏十二年]冬,右大司馬全琮卒。琮字子璜, ... 卒,時年五十二,帝流涕。)