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(Yusufu) Quanti Bomani (born May 26, 1956), son of Luqman Abdul-Malik and Nana Bomani, is an Afro-Caribbean jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist, composer, political conscious lyricist and the leader of the band Urban Insight Group. His primary instrument is the saxophone (tenor, soprano, alto, and baritone). He is also a member of Prodigal Posse, an Eastern Caribbean diaspora band, based in Dominica that performs worldwide.[1]

Quanti Bomani

Early years[edit]

Born and educated in Harlem and Queens bouroughs in New York City, he received his college education in Virginia. He is now based in the San Francisco Bay Area[2] and in Mero Beach, Dominica, West Indies. He was influenced by his mother to play jazz and later in his life embraced the Afro-Caribbean influence and sound.

Musical Influences[edit]

Bomani was influenced to play saxophone by British saxophonist Gary Windo in New York. Early in his career, Bomani was a saxophonist with Maurice Miller playing straight-ahead jazz. In the mid 1980s he performed with Ahmed Abdul-Malik's East meets West ensemble. He has performed at the World Creole Music Festival [1] and Creole in the Park with Dominican star Delmance "Ras Mo" Moses and the Mo n' Mo Music Project.[3] Quanti Bomani with Urban Insight Group has performed throughout the U.S. and in international venues. His trip to India in 2005 and more recent travels throughout Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, have influenced his 2011 album "Africans on the Rooftop."

Political Activism[edit]

Quanti Bomani's music is recognized internationally for its message against violence and political oppression. His song "Candy Bar" exposes the hypocrisy of war and affirms the impact on individuals, children and families. His song "Don't Let Nobody Put the Big Britches on You" defines media deception and war propaganda. The song "We're Falling" decries drug violence and violence used for profit of natural resources. His live concerts are riddled with political commentary. He participated in the 2010 fundraiser sponsored by the California Jazz Foundation [2] to raise money for a musician health care fund.[4] In 2012, he was one of the main acts at the Children's Heart Fund benefit concert[5] at the Old Mill Cultural Center in Dominica along with Arturo Tappin and Ronald "Boo" Hinkson.

Music and Performing[edit]

Quanti Bomani released his View of the World CD (2005) that was recorded and produced at Bay Bridge Music, an affiliate of Bay Bridge Records, Inc.[3] His album debuted at the historic Paramount Theater (Oakland, California). His subsequent concerts included performances at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall [4], Yoshi's (jazz club) [5] and Velma's Jazz n' Blues Club.

In 2013, Quanti Bomani performed with Dominica's Michele Henderson [6] at the Jazz n' Creole Festival[6] in Fort Shirley, Cabrits, Dominica after performing together in Rodney Bay during the St. Lucia Jazz Festival [7] season. Quanti is now currently an artist-in-residence at the Crescendo Jazz Lounge [8] in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, performing weekly.

Player Set-up[edit]

Tenor: Guardala solid sterling silver; Mouthpieces: Theo Wanne Durga 8 and Lamberson J7; Reeds: Guardala #4 and Rigotti Gold #3.5 medium

Soprano: Selmer Series III solid silver; Mouthpiece: Lamberson F Major 7; Reeds: Guardala #4.5

Alto: Selmer Series III; Mouthpiece: Lamberson F Major 7; Reeds: Rigotti #3


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