Quantum Aspects of Life

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Quantum Aspects of Life
QAL book cover.jpg
AuthorDerek Abbott, Paul C. W. Davies, Arun K. Pati (Eds.)
With foreword by Sir Roger Penrose
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectPhysics and biophysics
GenreNon-fiction; science text
PublisherImperial College Press
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages581 pp.

Quantum Aspects of Life, a book published in 2008 with a foreword by Roger Penrose, explores the open question of the role of quantum mechanics at molecular scales of relevance to biology. The book contains chapters written by various world-experts from a 2003 symposium and includes two debates from 2003 to 2004; giving rise to a mix of both sceptical and sympathetic viewpoints. The book addresses questions of quantum physics, biophysics, nanoscience, quantum chemistry, mathematical biology, complexity theory, and philosophy that are inspired by the 1944 seminal book What Is Life? by Erwin Schrödinger.


Section 1: Emergence and Complexity

Section 2: Quantum Mechanisms in Biology

Section 3: The Biological Evidence

Section 4: Artificial Quantum Life

Section 5: The Debate

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