Quantum Gate (album)

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Quantum Gate
Tangerine Dream Quantum Gate.jpg
Studio album by
Released29 September 2017
RecordedAugust 2014- June 2017
LabelEastgate, Kscope
Tangerine Dream chronology
Live at the Philharmony Szczecin-Poland
Quantum Gate

Quantum Gate is a 2017 album by Tangerine Dream. It is roughly their one-hundred and fiftieth album. It is the first full-length album since the death of founder Edgar Froese in 2015, and is largely based on ideas and musical sketches left by Froese.[1][2][3][4]

This album earned the group the most press they have had since the release of 1994's Turn of the Tides due to the revived interest in the group following Edgar's death.

CD Track listing[edit]

All titles composed by Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, and Ulrich Schnauss, except where noted.

1."Sensing Elements"13:33
2."Roll the Seven Twice"6:25
3."Granular Blankets"5:03
4."It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing" (T. Quaeschning, U. Schnauss)6:36
5."Identity Proven Matrix"5:18
6."Non-Locality Destination"10:00
7."Proton Bonfire"8:25
8."Tear Down the Grey Skies"6:17
9."Genesis of Precious Thoughts"9:10

LP Track listing[edit]

The vinyl releases of the album feature a different track order, though this was not needed to fit the tracks onto sides.

Side One
1."Sensing Elements"13:33
2."Roll the Seven Twice"6:25
Side Two
3."Identity Proven Matrix"5:18
4."Tear Down the Grey Skies"6:17
5."Proton Bonfire"8:25
Side Three
6."It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing"6:36
7."Non-Locality Destination"10:00
Side Four
8."Genesis of Precious Thoughts"9:10
9."Granular Blankets"5:03



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