Quantum Redshift

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Quantum Redshift
Quantum Redshift.jpg
Developer(s) Curly Monsters
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Designer(s) Nick Burcombe
Platform(s) Xbox
Release date(s)
  • NA: September 17, 2002
  • EU: October 4, 2002
  • JP: November 21, 2002
Genre(s) Futuristic racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Quantum Redshift is a futuristic racing game for the Xbox console, developed by Curly Monsters and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2002. Created by Wipeout designer Nick Burcombe, the game puts the player in the shoes of 16 different characters, paired off in rivalries, whose stories unfold as tournaments are completed. The game has five different speed limits, which act as the difficulty levels for the game. Points earned after races allow players to upgrade their hovercraft's offensive and defensive capabilities. The game featured a soundtrack by Dutch musician Junkie XL.

While featuring 16 different characters, critics generally noted that there was not anything particularly "likable" about the characters.

Despite the critical response to Quantum Redshift being positive, garnering 76% at GameRankings, the game sold poorly. As a result, the second game, which was to include multi-play over Xbox Live was cancelled by Microsoft, and Curly Monsters closed shop shortly thereafter. As Curly Monsters said a statement before they closed down "We were pursuing a number of avenues, and we'd developed some really cool new Xbox technology, but unfortunately we were not able to sign a deal prior to us running out of cash... we've not been able to pay our staff for the last month, and now it's time to (unfortunately) call it quits... I expect you'll see and hear from us in various guises as we spread out amongst other developers."

The biggest selling point of Quantum Redshift was the graphics detail it possessed. Water and glass would show real-time reflections, each of the game worlds were abundant with high-resolution textures, and the camera "lens" would be flecked with water droplets after being submerged. Quantum Redshift was rated as one of the most graphically advanced games for the Xbox.


  • Colombia Tara Vivas (age 24) - a former pop singer who turned to racing after ruining her music career in a drunken hovercar accident; three-time winner of American champions and current runner-up
  • United States Alicia Waverley (19) - daughter of a couple killed in the hovercar accident caused by Tara, who has vowed revenge; reigning American champion
  • Ukraine Prince Yuri Galitz (40) - a Ukrainian businessman who claims to be descended from the Tsars of Russia
  • Russia Vladimir Ubikov (52) - a neo-communist who dreams of reunifying the Soviet Union, and loathes Prince Yuri, whom he considers a fraud and criminal
  • Japan Kumiko Nakaido (18) - the younger daughter of a Japanese racing legend, groomed to be his successor
  • Japan Ami Nakaido (19) - Kumiko's older sister, who joined the yakuza after Kumiko was named her father's heir
  • Egypt Zaki Shaheen (33) - an Egyptian billionaire who owes his strength as a racer to a period where he was lost in the Egyptian desert
  • Egypt Pharaoh (42) - a mysterious man dressed a Pharaoh whose sole goal appears to defeat Zaki; later revealed to be Zaki's long-lost older brother
  • Australia Jordan Reynolds (19) - a global racing sensation who used her celebrity to campaign against illegal "low" courses, leading to the indictment of Cassandra Foxton - mother of Kiri Foxton
  • New Zealand Kiri Foxton (22) - holds a vendetta against Jordan after her mother was banned from racing for hosting illegal "low" races in the Australian Outback, which in turn prevented Kiri from competing in the Australian championship[1]
  • England Marcus Appleton (23) - former mechanic and ex-boyfriend of former British champion Jaya, who turned his hand to racing and won the British championship
  • England Jaya Kushala (28) - former British champion, who has sworn revenge on Marcus for humiliating her[2]
  • Austria Leah Mathias (23) - introverted Austrian who races in memory of her lover, killed in a racing accident
  • Germany Max Steinhauer (45) - veteran German racer, who accidentally killed Leah's lover in a racing accident, who has entered the World Championships in response to those who claim he is too old to race at such a high level[3]
  • Hawaii Ka Hekili - Hawaiian billionaire, rumoured to be head of a massive cult/criminal empire
  • Kutoo (age unknown) - mysterious cyborg enhanced by nanotechnology who is somehow linked to Ka Hekili


  • United States Silver Rock Canyon - located in a national park in New Mexico; home circuit of Tara and Alicia
  • Russia Kalau Wastelands - located in a former nuclear test site in Siberia; home circuit of Yuri and Vladimir
  • Japan Fuusoku City - a newly developed metropolis in Japan; home circuit of Kumiko and Ami
  • Egypt Flames of Ra - built around the Great Pyramids; home circuit of Zaki and Pharaoh
  • Australia Solar City - a racetrack built near a cosmopolitan space port; home circuit of Jordan and Kiri
  • England Brackenstowe Vale - a track for water specialists located in the Lake District; home circuit of Marcus and Jaya
  • Austria Mount Grauen - located in the Alps; home circuit of Leah and Max
  • Hawaii Draco Island - a racetrack built on a volcano that emerged from the Pacific Ocean a decade earlier; home circuit of Ka Hekili and Kutoo
  • Mars - a racetrack built on Mars; includes a terraformed route. Unlockable by completing Redshift difficulty with all characters


On release, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 30 out of 40.[4]


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