Quanzhou County

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Quanzhou County
全州县 · Cenzcouh Yen
Public square
Public square
Quanzhou is located in Guangxi
Location of the seat in Guangxi
Coordinates: 25°55′44″N 111°04′23″E / 25.929°N 111.073°E / 25.929; 111.073Coordinates: 25°55′44″N 111°04′23″E / 25.929°N 111.073°E / 25.929; 111.073
Country People's Republic of China
Autonomous region Guangxi
Prefecture-level city Guilin
 • Total 4,021 km2 (1,553 sq mi)
Population 780,000(in year 2,009)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code 541500

Quanzhou County (Chinese: 全州县; pinyin: Quánzhōu Xiàn; Zhuang: Cenzcouh Yen) is a county in the northeast of Guangxi, China, bordering Hunan province to the north and east. It is under the administration of Guilin City. Quanzhou is the biggest county in Guilin both in size and in population, and contains the northernmost point of Guangxi. The dialect of here belongs to the Xiang Chinese.

Historically Quanzhou was under the administration of Hunan Province. It was only after Ming Dynasty (1368CE -1644CE) that it was aparted from Hunan into Guangxi.

Yao people[edit]

Four languages are spoken by the Yao people of Quanzhou County.[1]

Ethnic Yao are found in the following townships and villages.[1]

  • Dongshan 东山瑶族乡 (4800 households; 20,000 persons)
  • Jiaojiang 蕉江瑶族乡 (400 households; 1,900 persons), including Banyaoshan Village 板瑶山村 (20 households; 120 persons)
  • Shaoshui 绍水镇 (190 households; 900 persons), including Tongyou Village 桐油村 (60 households; 200 persons)