Quarry Falls (Macon County)

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Quarry Falls
Quarry Falls (Macon County, North Carolina).JPG
Quarry Falls in Summer
LocationMacon County, North Carolina
Coordinates35°05′33″N 83°16′01″W / 35.0924°N 83.2670°W / 35.0924; -83.2670

Quarry Falls is a small waterfall (or perhaps large rapid in high water) located beside US Hwy. 64 west of Highlands, North Carolina, United States. It is best known for the large, deep pool at the bottom and is a popular place for swimming during warm weather. Quarry Falls is known to the locals as "Bust-Your-Butt-Falls" or "Sliding Rock".

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Coordinates: 35°05′33″N 83°16′01″W / 35.0924°N 83.2670°W / 35.0924; -83.2670