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The Quarterly Review of Biology  
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Q. Rev. Biol.
Discipline Biology
Language English
Edited by Daniel E. Dykhuizen, James D. Thomson, John J. Wiens, Gregory A. Wray
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 0033-5770
OCLC no. 223702870
JSTOR 00335770

The Quarterly Review of Biology is a peer reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of biology. It was established in 1926 by Raymond Pearl. In the 1960s it was purchased by the Stony Brook Foundation when the editor H. Bentley Glass became academic vice president of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. The editor-in-chief is Daniel E. Dykhuizen (Stony Brook University). It is currently published by the University of Chicago Press.

Aims and scope[edit]

The journal publishes review articles. Beyond the core biological sciences, the journal also covers related areas, including policy studies and the history and philosophy of science. In addition, there is also a book review section.[1]

Notable authors and articles[edit]

Some notable papers that appeared in the journal between 1926 and 20176 are:[according to whom?]

  • Thomas Hunt Morgan. Recent Results Relating to Chromosomes and Genetics. The Quarterly Review of Biology. Vol. 1, No. 2. Apr., 1926, pp. 186–211
  • William Morton Wheeler. A New Word for an Old Thing. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 1, No. 3. Jul., 1926, pp. 439–443
  • Raymond Pearl. Evolution and Mortality. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 3, No. 2. Jun., 1928, pp. 271–280
  • Richard Goldschmidt. The Gene. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 3, No. 3. Sep., 1928, pp. 307–324
  • Donald R. Griffin. The Sensory Basis of Bird Navigation. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 19 No. 1. Mar. 1933, pp. 15–31
  • George Gaylord Simpson. The First Mammals. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 10, No. 2. Jun., 1935, pp. 154–180 (Access on JSTOR
  • Richard Goldschmidt. A Critical Review of Some Recent Work in Sex Determination. I. Fishes. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 12, No. 4. Dec., 1937, pp. 426–439
  • Alfred Sturtevant. Essays on Evolution. I. On the Effects of Selection on Mutation Rate]. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol.12, No. 4. Dec., 1937, pp. 464–467
  • Alfred H. Sturtevant. Essays on Evolution. II. On the Effects of Selection on Social Insects. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 13, No. 1. Mar., 1938, pp. 74–76
  • Alfred Sturtevant. Essays on evolution III. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 13. 1938, 284.
  • Ernst Mayr. Wallace's Line in the Light of Recent Zoogeographic Studies. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 19, No. 1. Mar., 1944, pp. 1–14
  • Richard B. Goldschmidt. Mimetic Polymorphism, a Controversial Chapter of Darwinism. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 20, No. 2. Jun., 1945, pp. 147–164
  • Alfred Romer. The early evolution of fishes. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 21, No. 1. Mar., 1946, pp. 33–69
  • Edward O. Wilson: William L. Brown, Jr., Edward O. Wilson. The Evolution of the Dacetine Ants. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 34, No. 4. Dec., 1959, pp. 278–294
  • William D. Hamilton. Gamblers Since Life Began: Barnacles, Aphids, Elms. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 50, No. 2. Jun., 1975, pp. 175–180. & Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 51, No. 1. Jan. 1976, pp. 407–412 (book review's)
  • Stephen C. Stearns. Life-history tactics: a review of the ideas. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 51, No. 1. Mar., 1976, pp. 3–47
  • John Maynard Smith, Burian R, Kaufman S, Alberch P, Campbell, J, Goodwin, B, Lande, R, Raup, D, Wolpert, L.. Developmental constraints and evolution. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 60, No. 3. Sep., 1985, pp. 265–287 Access on JSTOR
  • Scott F. Gilbert. Cytoplasmic Action in Development. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 66, No. 3. Sep., 1991, pp. 309–316
  • George C. Williams. The Dawn of Darwinian Medicine. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 66, No. 1. Mar. 1991, pp. 1–22
  • Ernst Mayr. Recapitulation Reinterpreted: The Somatic Program. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 69, No. 2. Jun., 1994, pp. 223–232 Access on JSTOR
  • Ernst Mayr. The Autonomy of Biology: The Position of Biology Among the Sciences. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 71, No. 1. Mar., 1996, pp. 97–106 Access on JSTOR
  • Stephen C. Stearns and Dieter Ebert. Evolution in health and disease: a work in progress. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 76, No. 4. Dec., 2001, pp. 417–432
  • Stephen J. Gould, James E. K. Hildreth and Amy M. Booth. The Evolution of Alloimmunity and the Genesis of Adaptive Immunity. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 79, No. 4. Dec., 2004, pp. 359–382 Access on JSTOR
  • David Sloan Wilson and Edward O. Wilson. Rethinking The Theoretical Foundation of Sociobiology. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 82, No. 4. Dec., 2007, pp. 327–348
  • Eva Jablonka and Gal Raz. Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance: prevalence, mechanisms, and implications for the study of heredity and evolution. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 84, No. 2. Jun., 2009, pp. 131–176
  • Douglas J. Futuyma. Expand or Revise? The Evolutionary Synthesis Today. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 86, No. 3. Sep., 2011, pp. 203–208 (book review)
  • Gilbert, S. F., Sapp, J. & Tauber, A. I. A symbiotic view of life: we have never been individuals. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 87, No. 4, Dec., 2012, pp. 325–341
  • Karen Hardy, Jennie Brand-Miller, Katherine D. Brown, Mark G. Thomas, and Les Copeland. The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution. Q. Rev. Biol. Vol. 90, No. 3. Sep., 2015, pp. 251–268

Abstracting and indexing[edit]

The journal is abstracted and indexed in Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, and the Science Citation Index.


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