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Mayan Quarterpast AlbumArt Front 2011.jpg
Studio album by MaYaN
Released May 20, 2011
Recorded Gate Studios, Wolfsburg, Germany, 18 October 2010-15 January 2011
Genre Symphonic metal
Melodic death metal
Length 59:13
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Sascha Paeth
MaYaN chronology

Quarterpast is the debut album by Dutch metal supergroup MaYaN. It was released on May 20, 2011 in Europe.[1] The title Quarterpast was suggested by a fan as part of a competition to decide the band's name, but was eventually used as the album title when the band decided to name themselves MaYaN.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Mark Jansen except "Essenza di Te" by Laura Macrì and "Sinner's Last Retreat" by Jansen and Johanna Najla Fakhry.; all music composed by MaYaN except "Bite the Bullet" which is by MaYaN & Sander Gommans.

No. Title Length
1. "Symphony of Aggression" 7:49
2. "Mainstay of Society" (In the Eyes of the Law: Corruption) 5:25
3. "Quarterpast" 1:35
4. "Course of Life" 6:10
5. "The Savage Massacre" (In the Eyes of the Law: Pizzo) 5:28
6. "Essenza di Te" (Essence of You) 2:06
7. "Bite the Bullet" 5:19
8. "Drown the Demon" 5:00
9. "Celibate Aphrodite" 7:20
10. "War on Terror" (In the Eyes of the Law: Pentagon Papers) 4:25
11. "Tithe" 0:52
12. "Sinner's Last Retreat" (Bonus track) 7:39
Total length: 59:13


Band members
Guest/session musicians
  • Floor Jansen - vocals on "Symphony of Aggression", "Course of Life", "Bite the Bullet", "Drown the Demon" and "Sinner's Last Retreat"
  • Simone Simons - vocals on "Symphony of Aggression", "Mainstay of Society", "Bite the Bullet", "Drown the Demon" and "Sinner's Last Retreat"
  • Henning Basse - vocals on "Symphony of Aggression", "Course of Life", "The Savage Massacre", "Bite the Bullet", "Celibate Aphrodite" and "Sinner's Last Retreat"
  • Laura Macrì - vocals on "The Savage Massacre", "Essenza di Te" and "Celibate Aphrodite"
  • Amanda Somerville - spoken word on "Symphony of Aggression", lyrics editing
  • Trinity Boys Choir - choir on "Quarterpast", arranged by Coen Janssen
  • MaYaN Choir:
    • Simone Simons, Floor Jansen, Laura Macrì - soprano and alto
    • Henning Basse, Simon Oberender - tenor and bass
  • Sascha Paeth - producer, engineer, mixing, mastering
  • Simon Oberender, Olaf Reitmeier - engineers


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