Quartier Concordia

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Quartier Concordia
Sir George Williams Campus
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex 03.jpg
Quartier Concordia is located in Montreal
Quartier Concordia
Quartier Concordia
Location of Quartier Concordia in Montreal
Coordinates: 45°29′45″N 73°34′38″W / 45.49583°N 73.57722°W / 45.49583; -73.57722Coordinates: 45°29′45″N 73°34′38″W / 45.49583°N 73.57722°W / 45.49583; -73.57722

Quartier Concordia is a neighbourhood redevelopment project centred on Concordia University's Sir George Williams campus in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bordered by Sherbrooke Street, Saint-Mathieu Street, René Lévesque Boulevard and Bishop Street,[1] the district is designed to be a green urban campus that will improve the use and quality of public places and spaces, student life on campus and transportation.[2][3]

As part of the redesign, the small Norman Bethune Square has been redesigned and enlarged. Sidewalks in the area will also be widened, with additional trees.[4]

Within the area is Grey Nuns Motherhouse, a student residence.

As of September 2010, an underground tunnel links the university's Hall and J.W. McConnell buildings with the Guy-Concordia metro station. The hallway was completed in Spring 2010.[5] However, a project to create a green space on Mackay Street has been put on hold.[6]


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