Quartieri Spagnoli

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Quartieri Spagnoli

Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Neighborhoods) is a part of the city of Naples in Italy. The Neapolitan language is stronger here than anywhere else. The area, encompassing c. 800,000 square metres, consists of a grid of around eighteen streets by twelve, including a population of some 14,000 inhabitants.

The Quartieri were created in the 16th century to house Spanish garrisons, hence the name, whose role was to quench revolts from the Neapolitan population.

A busy, narrow street in the Spanish Quarters

Among the historic churches in the district are:

Coordinates: 40°50′27″N 14°14′47″E / 40.84083°N 14.24639°E / 40.84083; 14.24639