Quarto Centenário

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Quarto Centenário is a municipality in the state of Paraná (PR) in Brazil.

The municipality relies mostly on agriculture - soybeans, corn, and has few industries, the most important Coagel COAMO and integrated cooperatives are cooperatives. It has a state college, in the town, other colleges in their districts, schools, municipal headquarters and in their districts, population around 5.235hab. It has 5 catholic churches and one Evangelical Church (Parish of Our Lady of Fatima) that was founded on 22 April 1977 by decree of the diocesan Bishop of Campo Mourão Dom Eliseu Simões Mendes.


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Coordinates: 24°16′44″S 53°04′33″W / 24.2788888989°S 53.0758333433°W / -24.2788888989; -53.0758333433