Quartz Mountains

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Quartz Mountains
A photo of the Quartz Mountains taken from the shore of Lake Altus
Lake Altus and the Quartz Mountains
Highest point
Peak Quartz Mountain
Elevation 1,887 ft (575 m)
Coordinates 34°54′25″N 99°19′24″W / 34.906944°N 99.323333°W / 34.906944; -99.323333Coordinates: 34°54′25″N 99°19′24″W / 34.906944°N 99.323333°W / 34.906944; -99.323333
A map of Oklahoma showing the location of the Quartz Mountains
A map of Oklahoma showing the location of the Quartz Mountains
Quartz Mountains
Country United States
State Oklahoma

The Quartz Mountains are an extension of the Wichita Mountains in the far southwestern part of the state of Oklahoma. The section extends west and northwest of the main Wichita range,separated by a plain dotted with smaller foothills. It is about 13 miles (21 km) east of Mangum and 20 miles (32 km) north of Altus. The tallest mountain in the range is Quartz Mountain at 1,887 feet (575 m) above sea level. The area is popular for rockclimbing on its weathered granite outcroppings and is home to Quartz Mountain State Park and Lake Altus-Lugert reservoir.[1]

According to the Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, the range was originally formed about 550 million years ago as a "failed continental rift". It was uplifted about 300 million years ago and has since weathered into its current condition.[1]

Quartz Mountain Resort[edit]

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education operates the Quartz Mountain Resort. It includes a 118-room lodge, a guesthouse, cabins, bunkhouse, RV hookups and primitive campsites.[2]


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