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Quassy Amusement & Waterpark
Slogan Affordable Family Fun
Location Middlebury, Connecticut, U.S.
Coordinates 41°31′38″N 73°09′01″W / 41.5271°N 73.1504°W / 41.5271; -73.1504Coordinates: 41°31′38″N 73°09′01″W / 41.5271°N 73.1504°W / 41.5271; -73.1504
Owner George Frantzis II and Eric Anderson
Opened 1908
Previous names Lake Quassapaug
Operating season Late April through early October
Total 38
Roller coasters 2
Water rides 7
Website http://www.quassy.com

Quassy Amusement Park, is an amusement and waterpark in Middlebury, Connecticut, and is one of only thirteen trolley parks still operating in the United States. It has 38 rides on its 20 acres (81,000 m2).Quassy consists of a full-fledged amusement park plus a waterpark called Splash Away Bay. Swimming in Lake Quassapaug is available. In 1901, a writer pronounced Lake Quassapaug as "the handsomest bit of natural water on earth". Today, beach clubs and houses surround the entire lake. The park is home to the award-winning Wooden Warrior roller coaster, which opened in 2011. Quassy offers swimming, picnicking, a catering service, an arcade, a water park, and live entertainment including school bands, dance groups and magic shows.

On Friday nights Quassy sells hot dogs, soda and rides for 50 cents each. The park uses an all-day ride and waterpark wristbands or pay by ride system.. A wristband is required to enter the waterpark and beach area, or guests may pay a separate admission. Admission to the park is free but a parking fee is charged. [1]


Quassy originally opened as a trolley park, similar to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire. It has been a staple in Connecticut entertainment for over 100 years. In 1908, Quassy became a stop along the trolley line between Waterbury and Woodbury. As more people got off at this stop, Quassy became a summer resort area. In 1937, three businessmen purchased the property and began to develop it.[2] After World War II, Quassy established itself as a full amusement park.

Rides and Attractions[edit]

Ride name[3] Attraction Type Opening year[3] Manufacturer[3]
Thrill Rides
Wooden Warrior Custom designed wooden family coaster 2011 The Gravity Group
Reverse Time Reverse Time 2016 SBF/VISA
Paratrooper Hydraulic Lift Paratrooper 1997 Frank Hrubetz & Co.
Music Fest Music Fest 1991 Chance Rides
Galleon Pirate Ship Galleon 33 2008 Zamperla Rides
Yo-Yo Swing Yo-Yo 2008 Chance Rides
Bumper Cars Bumper Cars 1979 JLGH
Free Fall'N Drop Zone 2010 SBF Visa Group
Frantic frisbee 2015 Visa International
Family Rides
Giant Slide Giant Slide 1975 Schiff
Helicopters Helicopter 1958 Allan Herschell
Ghost Hunt 1958 Allan Hershel
Little Dipper Kiddie Roller Coaster 1952 Allan Hershel
Tilt-A-Whirl Tilt-A-Whirl 1977 Sellner
Big Flush Water Coaster Big Flush 1999 White Water
Grand Carousel Grand Carousel 1990 Chance Rides
Quassy Express Train C.P. Huntington 1948 Chance Rides
Crazy Cups Midi Tea Cup 2012 Zamperla
Skipper's Clippers Visa Pirate Jet 2017 SBF
Up,Up & Away Samba Balloon 2017 Zamperla
Kiddie Rides
Jet Fighters Sky Fighter 1952 Allan Hershel
Boat Ride Kiddie Boat Ride 1952 Allan Hershel
Frog Hopper Frog Hopper 2000 S&S Worldwide
Play Port Play Port 1988 Various makers
Kiddie Bumper Cars 2015 VISA International
Splash Away Bay Water Park Rides
Saturation Station WaterColors 2003 SCS Interactive
Tunnel Twisters Tunnel Twisters 2006 ProSlides Technology
BulletBowl BulletBowl 2013 ProSlides Technology
FreeFALL Extreme Bodyslides FreeFALL 2013 ProSlides Technology
Fish Pond Splashpad 2013 Vortex Aquatic Structures
Slide City (various models) 2016 ProSlide Technology
Category 5 Rapids Raft Rides (various models) 2018 ProSlide Technology
Quassy Beach lakeside beach - -
Quassy Quest Laser Maze Laser tag - -
Quassy Queen Excursion boat - -
Redemption Arcade Arcade - -
Midway Games Game booths - -
Water Wars Water ballon attraction - -
Quassy Zoo Fiberglass animals - -


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